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& a special thanks to all who have so kindly supported me and my family over many years through the purchase of artworks. Thank you so much:)

Museums of art, art societies, etc

National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery, London

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Museum of Modern Art, (MoMA), New York

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

The British Museum

Louvre, Paris

The Tate, London

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Whitney Museum

Guggenheim Museums/collections

Centre Pompidou, Paris

National Portrait Gallery, Australia

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Smithsonian Institute

J Paul Getty Museum

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice)

Harvard Art Museums

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston /Hopper

The Hermitage, St Petersburg

Nordic Watercolour Museum, Sweden

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

Queensland Art Gallery, Australia

National Library of Australia

American Watercolor Society

National Watercolor Society (US)

Australian Watercolour Institute

A survey of Winslow Homer watercolors in the NGA collection

Guggenheim New York
New York

University departments of art history:

Cambridge University, Department of History of Art 
Directory of university art history departments
Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London)
Sydney University (Department of Art History and Theory)

Linked publications

Roberts, W, 2003, Principles of Nature:towards a new visual language  W A Roberts P/L. Canberra   ISBN 0975090356,
Highly Commended, 2004, Writer's Centre NSW, Sydney.Competition for self-published works (general/non-fiction category)
Other art awards here

Published (2004) dedicated companion website to above book: www.principlesofnature.net

Some artist links (aquamedia)

Nicholas Simmons

David Burge

Stéphane Heurion

AJ Brooks  (I designed her web site)

Barbara Nechis

Charles Reid

Robert Wade

Guan Weixing

Ong Kim Seng

Janine Gallizia

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General interest and 'in the family' (Jackson Roberts, the artist's son)

Contemporary innovative building ideas and implementation in the ACT, Jackson Roberts, Director of Eifer P/L, Canberra. Conceptualise, consult, invent, build contemporary architectural projects, both large and small, using new materials and concepts, cladding experts inside and out, green walls, building biology (including 'living walls', customised vertical or angled hydroponics, interior and exterior- EiferPonics), specialised saunas, EiferSpace™ -remote-controlled storage units with a real 'wow-factor' that adds to the stunning practicality through which empty space in roof cavities and under-floor areas is put to service, and more.. Call Jackson and his team of seven for contemporary building projects, large and small, in the ACT and region.


The artist's father..
Dr Reg Roberts PhD, DIC has discovered earthquake patterns that bear mathematical relations and synchronies supportive of concepts in, Principles of Nature, and is in the process of further developing his model. These patterns show that earthquake predictions have a strong scientific physical basis and are derived through unique mathematical modeling.


Project Response Pty Ltd - for broadcast industry support & high tech design and installation of control room modules, consoles, mixing desks, edit suites, pre & post production desks, workstations, custom rack mounts and more -


, the Australian Capital,
250km southwest of Sydney, near the Australian Snowy Mountains

Canberra cafe
Café, Garema Place, Canberra