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Aiguille du Midi, watercolour

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Nine images matted as single artwork.
Liquid acrylic, sumi ink, charcoal, & graphite
top three images: clay-coated studio board;
lower 6 images: hot-pressed paper
each image: 18cm x 18cm
overall size of matted artwork: 815cm2

© copyright 2003 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.
Collection K. Doyle.


Composition for Floating Phonemes

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Composition for Floating Phonemes
acrylic on bilaminar translucent polymer support
50cm x 80cm
private collection

Clouds over New England

Centuries Flow
liquid acrylic on Montval paper, 56cm x 76cm
private collection

Notes and Prepositions, absrtact painting by Wayne  A Roberts

Notes and Prepositions
acrylic stain and acrylic painting on unprimed canvas
270 x 148cm
Private collection.


These abstract paintings demonstrate connections between music and art, and between language and mind. The tendencies of colors and forms within liquid media, when allowed to be active in the outcome and process of painting, are able to form themselves into resonant and naturalistic conjunctions and permutations of their initial conditions and states - and this serves the artist as poetic metaphor - one most apt to express the profound interconnectedness of the universe. Language is a crystallisation of this continuum of connectedness into a sequence or arrangement of quantised parts which flows instead by logic.

Wayne A. Roberts, 2003


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