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Sampler of animation and multimedia work.
Clicking a picture will launch a new window featuring
the animation or artwork. Most of these animations do not require the latest version of the Flash™ Player. See notes adjacent to thumbnails.

Sequential medium-band splash intro Animated intro splash in two stages: Ist stage 50k (preload),
2nd stage 150k
Target: medium band connections
Flash 5+ Player required
Includes sound
Multimedia Portfolio
Typography animation

Typography, art logo design & animation
(intro for website)
Target: narrow band, 44kb
Flash 3+ Player required
designed to stream over narrowband


Interactive map of CSIRO facilities Canberra

Interactive map of CSIRO offices in the Australian National Capital, Canberra
Mouse-over/click ivory-coloured areas, click oscillating colour shapes for detail and close-ups
Target: narrowband, 56kb
Flash 3+ Player required


Night Images, a poem by Ian Keast Animated interpretation of
the poem Night Images by Ian Keast.
(Poem copyright © Ian Keast,
with permission & courtesy the author)
(Animation/visuals by Wayne Roberts)
Target: narrowband, 105kb
Flash 4+ Player required
Nullarbor Night Poetic presentation of the painting Nullarbor Night by Wayne Roberts
Target: narrowband connections, 48kb
Flash 3+ Player required
watercolour Watercolour typography animation
Flash 4+ Player required, 53kb
Melbourne Central (photo  montage) Static photo montage composition Melbourne Central based on supplied photographs (Photos © 2002 N Roberts and S Killen.) Compositing and montage composition: Wayne Roberts.  
ideas 'Ideas' splash screen for Synonymy, my first web design business name. (Now someone else).
Target: narrow band, 28kb
Requires Flash 4+ Player
Diverse Universe a visual poem

Diversity-University (a visual poem)
Target: narrowband, 10kb
Flash 3+ Player required
Very fast to stream and start.


Dance Melbourne

Melbourne dance (Synonymy)
with music by Wayne Roberts. Mouse location and motion is interactive.
Target: medium-broadband, 161kb
Flash 5+ Player required
P3 550+ recommended



Contact Wayne Roberts for multimedia art info@wroberts.com.au
Phone +61-2-6242-6552

All images and media © copyright 2000-2002 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.
Photography in "Central Melbourne" , © copyright by S Killen & N Roberts. All rights reserved.