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Alps at Kaikoura, NZ

Alps at Kaikoura, NZ

transparent watercolour on Arches 850gsm rough paper, 47cm x 75.5cm, Nov 2008




Corridors of the Sky, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

Corridors of the Sky

watercolour on hot-pressed paper, 56cm x 76cm



Epiphany, original watercolour 1993, by Wayne Roberts



watercolour on cold-pressed 100% rag paper, 56cm x 76cm, © copyright 1995 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.

Note the grid-like pattern of interlocking forms. The grid consists of interfacing 'elements' like phonemes constructed of smaller self-similar parts; resonant with each other yet possessing a distinct identity. This allegorically pointed toward later works in which I developed a 'genetic or syntactical principle' in visual art and composition. ~WR



Pythagoras Window, painting by Wayne Roberts

Pythagoras Window

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 45.5 x 60.5cm




Beach Lizard, painting by Wayne Roberts

Beach Lizard

acrylic on stretched canvas, 75.7 x 50.5cm



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