Wayne Roberts, Australia


Wayne Roberts, Australia

Awards in art, literature & music. Exhibitions, collections, bibliography

Major art awards

Winner of the Paul Schwartz Memorial Award, 1996, American Watercolor Society, New York

'Top Fifty Prizewinner', 1996 Lana International Competition for Works on Paper, San Jose, California

Accepted Wynne Prize, 1996 Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Winner of the Winsor & Newton Australian Art Awards, 1994 Sydney, sent the artist to London

First Prize, Watercolour, A. M. E. Bale Art Awards, 1994, Melbourne, Australia

Overall winner, "Statuette Award", Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts, Australia

Published Top-fifty Finalist in two sections, the '95 The Artist's Magazine USA competition from field of 9,500 entries

~winner of 30+ awards from 1977 to the present.


2004, Highly Commended, NSW Writer's Centre, Sydney (Non-fiction category) for a self-published book, Principles of nature: towards a new visual language   ISBN 0975-090356. A thesis of more than 200 pages, containing in excess of 200 technical diagrams and 25+ full-colour plates. It is also contains the first publication of two new mathematical theorems.


Honours in Violin, A.M.E.B. Level: 8th Grade

Honours in Musicianship, A.M.E.B., Level: 7th Grade

First Level (3-unit) music, highest percentile, Higher School Certificate, N.S.W. Australia. 1976

2018 Finalist in International Music Composition Competition: Sounds of Mattter. Organised by Univ of Vienna, Faculty of Physics, & University Vienna for Music & the Performing Arts. (Two works accepted among ~100 finalists from 36 countries).

Studied classical violin under tutelage of

Lead violinist, Reading Symphony Orchestra, UK

Violin Reader, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sr Cecilia, Armidale, NSW, Australia (Violin & Musicianship)

Studied music, music history and composition at Armidale High, NSW: teacher: D Rickards A.O.

Composed numerous musical works (many experimental) and synthesised sounds de novo (using FM synthesis techniques developed by Yamaha in the early eighties) some of which have been combined with animations (multimedia). Current interests in music performance include improvisations on acoustic and electric violin. Together with musician friend (Dr N Thomson) has helped raise money for The Smith Family Christmas Appeal (an Australian charity), other charitable causes, and also performed regularly on a casual basis.

Most recent compositions include an orchestral interpretation for strings, brass and 6-part choir: 'Introduction, Theme and Variations on the Chorale from JS Bach's St Matthew Passion'. He also recently completed his first piano trio.

2006-2016 Invented an ultra-high-definition 'stethoscope' and is interested in biological rhythms and dysrhythmias



Los Angeles, 1990. Exhibition also featured a recital of music by renouned Australian guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel on the opening night.

Sydney: 1996 & 1999 solo exhibitions Porters Gallery

Canberra 1997, solo visual artist as part of gala arts evening event: art/music/dinner (Hyatt Hotel Canberra) including concert by The Australian Chamber Singers, The Albert Hall, Canberra

Wynne Prize exhibition, 1996, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney


Australian National University, TMP Worldwide, Winsor & Newton/Jasco Australia, ACTEW Corporation, Tommy Emmanuel. In addition his work is represented in numerous corporate and private collections internationally.

Art for medical research

He has donated artworks to assist medical research, especially research into cancer.

He maintains a strong interest in cancer research, neuroscience, autoimmune conditions, metabolomics, epigenetics and related fields.

Other awards

Web: 2002. Awarded Professional Certification Dreamweaver 4 Developer

Distinction/top of class, Calculus course, 1993, Canberra Institute of Technology


Gage, J, Colour in Art, Thames & Hudson, London, 2006, pp 76-77  (referenced art)

James, W, The varieties of religious experience, Penguin Classics, 1985, New York, 25th reprinting, originally published by Longmans, Green, and Co., 1902  (The watercolour Antipodes by W Roberts was reproduced on the cover of this reprinting from the Penguin Classics edition)

Ottley, D, Grace Crowley's contribution to Australian modernism and geometric abstraction, (M. Phil) Department of Art History and Theory, University of Sydney, 2007, p. 121 and Appendix 2, (A detailed geometric analysis of Grace Crowley's Painting 1950 is provided by Wayne Roberts in Appendix 2 of this thesis by D Ottley.)

Roberts, W, Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language, W A Roberts P/L, Canberra, 2003

Yelland, P, Music of the Mind, Sydney Morning Herald and The Melbourne Age, 22 Nov. 2002

The Canberra Review, the watrecolour The Look was published on the front cover of the June 1996 edition


American Watercolor Society 1996 Annual (Catalog featuring watercolor The Lifeboat by Wayne Roberts, winner of the Paul Schwartz Memorial Award

The Artist's Magazine, 1995 Art awards, (finalist in two sections of annual art competition)

Web publications

www.wroberts.com.au (you are within this site). Designed and published by the artist circa 2000.

www.principlesofnature.com (a dedicated web site for the book Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language. Designed by the artist and published to the web 2004.)


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