Wayne Roberts, visual artist Australia                            Seascapes 3

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The Roaring Forties

The Roaring Forties
intuitive interactive transparent watercolour
Arches cold pressed 640gsm paper
imperial full sheet
private collection

North Head, Bilgola, Sydney

North Head, Bilgola
© wayne roberts, all rights reserved
watercolour on two sheets of Arches 640g
supported on stretched canvas
overall size 73 x 200cm
private collection
click here for enlarged view

Rocks and Sea

Rocks and Sea
titanium and ink on paper
private collection

Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia

High seas, Terrigal
(New South Wales, Australia)
double imperial full sheet CP paper
transparent watercolour
Private collection

Wave upon wave, transparent watercolour by Wayne Roberts
all images this page copyright © wayne roberts. All rights reserved.

Wave upon wave
watercolour on CP 300gsm paper
private collection

This painting concerns resonances between ocean and mountains. There is the obvious connection of the waves. Perhaps less obvious is the connection between the patterns of foam on the sea and the zig-zaggy snow drifts in the shaded crevices of the mountains.

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