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by Australian artist Wayne Roberts

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retrospective of selected watercolor and acrylic paintings by Wayne Roberts, period 1994 onwards
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Metamorphosis, transparent watercolour


transparent watercolour on Arches full sheet CP paper 56cm x 76cm, circa 1985-86

private collection



Looking at People Looking at Pictures

Looking at People Looking at Pictures, 1

transparent watercolour and charcoal drawing on paper, © 1995 Wayne Roberts.
The above work was irretrievably damaged in transit to an exhibition.
The transparency was recently rediscovered/scanned and is finally exhibited online above.
Number 2 in the series Looking at People Looking at Pictures (initially not numbered '2' because number 1 had been damaged and was not restorable) may be seen



Tommy Emmanuel transparent watercolour by Wayne Roberts, Australia

Tommy Emmanuel

transparent watercolour on Arches imperial double full sheet 640gsm CP paper, circa 1989, private collection

This work was exhibited in Los Angeles in 1990


transparent watercolour on Lanaquarelle 300gsm CP paper, 56cm x 76cm, private collection

Winner of the Paul Schwartz Memorial Award, American Watercolor Society, New York, 1996.



Tralgar Square

Trafalgar Square

transparent watercolour and graphite drawing on hot-pressed paper, 56cm x 76cm

private collection



Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London

transparent watercolour of hot-pressed imperial full sheet paper, private collection



Low tide, Cancale, acrylic painting by Wayne Roberts

Low Tide, Cancale

© 1995 W Roberts, stréba series, acrylic on Schut paper 39cm x 49cm (framed in black velvet)

private collection, see also a new way of painting light

This painting was reproduced and discussed in the following books:

Gage J*, Colour in Art, Thames & Hudson, London, 2006, pp 76-77
Roberts W, Principles of nature, towards a new visual language, W A roberts P/L, Canberra, 2003

*Dr John Gage is the former Head of the Department of the History of Art at Cambridge University. He is an acknowledged international authority on the history of art and colour and has written many books on the subject, including Colour and Culture and Colour and Meaning, both published by Thames and Hudson. (source: cover jacket of Colour in Art)

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