wayne roberts, math inspired art

art inspired by history, mathematics, science

New theory I have been working on for 10 years linking art-science-music-math- published to web (2004)
[Book form published, 2003]

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  geometry-inspired art Return Universe, close-up Math-inspired art,The Discreteness of Infinity close-up geometry-inspired art, Magellan close-up

Endless waterfall ... return universe
© 1998 Wayne Roberts, watercolour
collection J & J Poole
click here to see enlarged view of painting. (The ring contains an 'aerial' view of a circular waterfall, see close-up)


The Discreteness of Infinity
, watercolour
74cm x 102cm © 1999 Wayne Roberts
Click here to see enlarged view and read about the painting. (Watercolour interpretation of a famous equation discovered by the Swiss genius Leonhard Euler 1707-1783)


Magellan © 1999 Wayne_Roberts
watercolour, 74 x 102cm
collection J. A. Fraser
Click here to see enlarged view and read commentary about painting (The torus here has interesting geometric properties see close-up and commentary)