graphite drawing, Gene Pool

wayne roberts, drawings

all images copyright © wayne roberts 1995 - 2008

The Gene Pool

graphite stick drawing on Bristol paper
(donated to ACT Cancerians to raise funds
for cancer research) private collection


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Larry Sitsky pencil study

Professor Larry Sitsky

charcoal study 2

Composer, Emeritus Professor of Music composition, Australian National University

sketchbook, the artist's collection


Natasha, pencil drawing


Natasha, pencil drawing

artist's sketchbook, collection the artist



study of Larry Sitsky's hands

Study of Larry Sitsky's hands

drawing, artist's sketchbook, collection the artist


Linda, booting up

Linda booting up

pencil drawing on paper, artist's sketchbook

collection the artist


Linda study with hat

Linda, study with hat

pencil on fine-grain paper



Principia, phoneme line elements from scale of lines drawing

Detail from the Scale-of-lines drawing for Principia

graphite on tracing paper, 'phonemes'

artist's collection


a web page about 'phoneme drawings' should be added soon...

...exploring the linguistic parallels between 'phonemes' in language and visual art

'phoneme line' drawings/compositions, see above and below images:

The phoneme drawings are particularly inspired by the drawings of Matisse


woman line drawing series, number 2

Woman series, #3

direct drawing in gouache on hot-pressed paper

a 'phoneme' line drawing

private collection




29cm x 42cm, graphite draing and titanium acrylic on paper



Cazneaux tree, Flinders Ranges

Cazneaux tree, Flinders Ranges, Australia

early pencil study on sketchbook cartridge paper, 27.3 x 32.8cm

artist's collection

Les Beaux, lamentations

Les Baux, Lamentations

'phoneme' line drawing on translucent paper

collection the artist


abstract drawing in ink on paper

Abstract drawing

sumi ink on paper, collection the artist




'Scale of lines' drawing for Gene Pool painting, 1996

a phoneme line drawing

graphite on tracing paper

private collection

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all images copyright © wayne roberts 1995 - 2003


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