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further selected watercolour paintings by
Australian artist Wayne Roberts

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presentation not necessarily in chronological order but sequenced by the artist
All images © copyright 1989 -2008 W Roberts. All rights reserved.


Morning, watercolor painting by Wayne Roberts


transparent watercolor on Arches 640gsm cold-pressed paper, double imperial full sheet

© 1989 W Roberts, private collection | close-up



Visions of Blindness, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

Visions of Blindness

watercolour on single sheet of Lanaquarelle CP paper,

"Top 50 Winner" of Lana International Competition for Works on Paper

© 1995 W Roberts, private collection



Even the rocks . . .cry out, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

even the rocks

© 1993 (work retitled by artist 2008)
transparent watercolour on Arches 640gsm cold-pressed paper, 56cm x 76cm

private collection



This Land, transparent watercolor by Wayne Roberts

This Land

transparent watercolour, 3/4 sheet cold-pressed paper, 1999

private collection



Darkness, harbinger of Light

Darkness, harbinger of Light

transparent watercolour on double imperial full sheet cold-pressed Arches 640gsm paper

circa 1999, private collection



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