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further selected watercolour and acrylic paintings by
Australian artist Wayne Roberts

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all images © copyright 1994 -2008 W Roberts. All rights reserved.


the outside inside

the outside inside

transparent watercolour on single sheet of Arches 640gsm cold-pressed paper, 150cm x 100cm

private collection


abide, painting by wayne roberts


transparent acrylic on translucent media mounted in black velvet, 49cm x 39cm

private collection


The Lighthouse, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

Lighthouse  at night from sea

transparent watercolour on Arches CP paper

private collection


The Chapel at St Veran, France - watercolour painting by Wayne Roberts

The Chapel at St Véran

French Alps very close to Italian border

watercolour on double imperial full sheet cold-pressed Arches paper

collection Dr C Lee

Note the small stone chapel which appears just to the right of the earthy patch to centre of painting.
This chapel is a place of pilgramage to this day. A very remote place dwarfed by mountains on all sides.


Sea and Sky watercolour by Wayne Roberts

Sea and Sky

watercolour on single sheet of 640gsm Arches paper, 150cm x 100cm

donated to cancer research

collection of ACTEWAGL



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All paintings © copyright 1994-2008 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.