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'It is enough to invent signs. When you have a real feeling for nature, you can create signs which are
equivalents to both the artist and the spectator'   ~Henri Matisse

Composition for Floating Phonemes


Composition for Floating Phonemes

a covert scale structure composition

acrylic on translucent laminar media, framed in balck velvet, private collection


Mountains drawing, Wayne Roberts

Mountains drawing

graphite and titanium on Bristol paper

private collection



Linda and the phraseology of lines

Linda and the phraseology of lines

line drawing on hot-pressed paper, imperial full sheet

This work was donated to cancer research.



Woman, scratchborad drawing, number 2

Woman, scratchboard drawing number 2

line on clay-coated scratch board

This drawing was donated to ACT Cancerians for cancer research

...an intuitive line drawing on clay-coated board. The drawing is 'scratched' onto the black clay
to reveal the white of the board underneath. There can be no revisions whatsoever in this medium.



Tchaikovsky Piano trio, Opus 50 - drawing and painting on paper

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio, Opus 50

Sumi ink, charcoal and titanium on Montval paper, 148cm x 148cm

private collection



The Look

The Look

India ink line drawing and watercolor on hot-pressed paper, 56 x 76cm,

collection P & B Salt

Direct drawing in India ink onto blank paper. (...a homage to Matisse).
The blackness and incisiveness of the India ink line drawing which was direct to paper
made this aspect of the composition challenging not least because it was also a figurative work.


Pictures #3

Picture without Reasons, #3 (stréba series)

direct drawing and painting in watercolor, hot-pressed paper, 56cm x 76cm

private collection

...to resonate with natural forms, rhythms and distributions.

Other abstracts from the Pictures without Reasons series were worked wet-in-wet.


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