Wayne Roberts, visual artist  

Landscape responses to Australia

abstract acrylic art | watercolor abstracts |


Ormiston Gorge, painting by Wayne Roberts

Ormiston Gorge

oil over acrylic on canvas on board with intaglio lineation, 120cm width

a covert scale structure painting-
see dedicated website by the artist on this theory

private collection



Landing at Sydney, view from jet

Landing at Sydney, view of Sydney Harbour from jet window

watercolour on Fabriano cold-pressed paper 56cm x 76cm

private collection

(An intuitive watercolour - painted from memory, interactively)



Clouds across New England, watercolour landscape by Wayne Roberts

Clouds across New England

transparent watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 1996, private collection

A watercolour landscape painted intuitively from memory and interactively onto wet paper

private collection



Standley Chasm, painting

Standley Chasm

(Central Australia) watercolour and acrylic on CP paper

private collection



Gondwana Coast, an intuitive aqueous painting and drawing by Wayne Roberts

Gondwana Coast

acrylic, oxides, mixed aqueous media & intaglio lineation on canvas mounted on hardboard, w=120cm

private collection, aquisition in support of charity, see note/link below

© 2002
Proceeds donated to The Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research.


Gondwana, painting by Wayne Roberts


acrylic, oxides, mixed aqueous media of mixed viscosity with intaglio lineation
on canvas mounted on board, 147cm x 120cm

collection D & L Gallagher




Beach through Tangerine, acrylic triptych on canvas

Beach through Tangerine

Acrylic on textured ground on three stretched canvases, 3.3m diameter

private collection



Otway through Blue Cow, generic landscape on curved canvas by Wayne Roberts

Otway through Blue Cow

oil glazes on acrylic ground mounted on canvas mounted on double-curved board, 190cm x 120cm

private collection

about Otway though Blue Cow painting


Email for contact or general feedback: contact.wroberts@wroberts.com.au

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