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contemporary acrylic, polymer paintings, watercolours, and translucent aqueous media
paintings by Australian artist Wayne Roberts

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retrospective of selected watercolour and acrylic paintings by Wayne Roberts, period 1994 onwards

presentation not in chronological or other order but sequenced by the artist
all images © copyright 1985 -2008 W Roberts. All rights reserved.

Vibes, polymer paints on scratch board


polymer paints on Canson Studio Grattage scratch board, 50cm x 65cm

private collection



Fresian After-image, watercolor and polymer diptych


Fresian Afterimage

diptych, left image: watercolour on cold pressed paper, right image: polymer painting on translucent laminar ground, in black velvet

collection of Dr C Lee

The painting connects the slow-moving interchanging shapes of the Fresian cows (left) with tectonic 'continental drift' (right)



Chiara Tjurunga, acrylic covert scale structure painting on canvas, by Wayne Roberts

Chiara Tjurunga

acrylic painting on strecthed canvas, 120cm x 120cm
a covert scale structure painting

collection I & J Lester




Soliloquy in Blue, polymer transparent paint on translucent bilaminar ground

Soliloquy in Blue

transparent polymer paint on translucent bilaminar ground, set in black velvet, proportions as shown
overall height of artwork ~ 1m

private collection



Jupiter, liquid metallic pigments on polished board, with six images (sumi ink and titanium on paper)


Nine images matted as single artwork.
top three images: liquid metallic pigments on polished studioboard
lower 6 images: sumi ink, and titanium on hot-pressed paper
© copyright 2003 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.

Collection K. Doyle

This work was published in the book Principles of Nature towards a new visual language




Centuries Flow, liquid viscous polymer metallic pigments on paper

Centuries Flow

liquid viscous polymer metallic pigments on watercolour paper, 56cm x 76cm

an interactive contemporary aquamedia painting by Wayne Roberts

private collection




The Macquarie Trio, acrylic on paper

The Macquarie Trio

acrylic painting on Montval watercolour paper, 101cm x 42.5 cm

private collection


Low tide, Cancale, acrylic painting by Wayne Roberts

Low Tide, Cancale

© 1995 W Roberts, stréba series, acrylic on Schut paper 39cm x 49cm (framed in black velvet)

private collection, see also a new way of painting light

This painting was reproduced and discussed in the following books:

Gage J*, Colour in Art, Thames & Hudson, London, 2006, pp 76-77
Roberts W, Principles of nature, towards a new visual language, W A roberts P/L, Canberra, 2003

*Dr John Gage is the former Head of the Department of the History of Art at Cambridge University. He is an acknowledged international authority on the history of art and colour and has written many books on the subject, including Colour and Culture and Colour and Meaning, both published by Thames and Hudson. (source: cover jacket of Colour in Art)


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paintings © copyright 1985-2008 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.