Wayne Roberts, visual artist, Australia  

Watercolour paintings 5, France

Champs Elysees at Dusk, watercolour

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Champs Elysées at dusk
watercolour - aquarelle, 1/4 sheet
collection K Doyle

Thin glazes of watercolor begin to dissolve the forms of the boulevardes into the fugue of dusk, and this allows the dim but brightening lights from the street lamps to emerge from the painting like soloists stepping forward on a stage.

Mont Blanc, watercolour

Mont Blanc from near Chamonix
watercolour, 1/5 sheet
private collection

mountains in watercolour

Light and air were the concerns here.
... a vastness of scale, but expressed within the intimacy of a small watercolour.

...how to paint space itself...

Water and air share that rare quality of transparency in Nature: of being substantive and yet permitting the passage of light. Thus watercolour is most apt to translate the language of the sky, and of space itself.

Paris from the Arc de Triomphe, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

Paris from the Arc de Triomphe
watercolour, (aquarelle) 1/5 sheet
handmade French paper, collection K. Doyle

Here the complexity of the city's forms are expressed within a small watercolor.

Like the turning point of a parabola, an artist often may subconsciously seek that pivotal moment which finely balances a minimum yet sufficient number of marks.

The paintings on this page thus entail a performance aspect of art and the expression of the instrument of watercolor. Cf. a discussion of visual language v style

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