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Apart from this quick guide for return visitors, you can travel
from web page to web page via various paths (or links), in the same way
that you might explore large gardens such as a national botanic gardens.
Paths lead non-hierarchically, in a twisting and turning weave of interconnections.

Home (main entrance)

It is the nature of watercolor to flow and, although for years I tried to stand still
and rein in this wild animal, eventually I learned to 'ride the water'—to move with it
. Without journeying there can be no discovery.


As I reflected upon the growing scale of this web site
it became clear that the process of adding web pages and links was
resonating strongly with my own experience as an artist. In painting there is a constant
cross-checking and connecting process going on, a balancing of asymmetric parts,
an interchange or linkage of ideas and forms. More often than not I find the most
important or interesting connections can be indirect rather than direct.
The analogy of a maze comes to mind.

labyrinths (mazes)
like the one on the floor of Chartres cathedral

draw pilgrims to trace their paths—a kind of traversible amulet.
That path leads via a single entry portal then into pendulous gyrations
across and around each quadrant of the compass, eventually
'homing in' like a compass needle
to the focal point of
the circle.


TS Eliot's timeless words echo the same 'in-principle' mystery:

'We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrrive where we started
and know the place for the first time


The contrariwise turns of the Chartres maze
may appear to be illogical from a two-dimensional perspective.
Yet seen from above there emerges
an exquistely beautiful

There are many pages in this site.
Some pages are linked via a chain of other pages.
The hyperlinks whimsically reflect a more general interest I have in resonances and connections.
Through years of painting experience and practice I gradually sensed the possible existence of a quite amazing
liquid-geometric 'visual syntax' - or in other words a new kind of visual logic with its own visual syntax and grammar, its own
visual vocabulary of 'virtual-molecules', and its own visual aphabet not of letters but of 'visual number forms' —not static entities
but dynamically and syntactically interconnected in ways that resonate and propagate throughout the entire system of visual logic.

The principles of this new visual logic resulted from years of searching for the connections and resonances between and among art, music,
mathematics, science and language. In 2003 I published this under the title, 'Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language'.
The theory was also published to the web in abridged form in 2004. A dedicated web site for the book, its thesis and theorems is here.


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